Governance for Directors

In this age of increasing scrutiny, board members and company managers must be aware of their duties. They must understand how to best manage their work practices for accountability purposes. This training course looks at the specific duties that subsidiaries and unlisted companies have. Corporate Governance includes comprehensive analysis of the source of corporate governance requirements, the duties owed by board members, directors, senior and middle management, and to whom those duties are owed.

The course also examines the consequences of breaches of these duties. We guide you through the current landscape services and provide useful tips and case studies on some of the occurring trends and pitfall.


Learning Objectives

  • What is corporate governance and what are the benefits?
  • What are the duties of board members and directors?
  • Identify the sources of governance obligations
  • The importance of acting with care, diligence and skill, and in good faith, best interests and for a proper purpose
  • Explain conflicts of interest and material personal interests
  • Understand the corporate role of Values & Ethics, and how to make an ethical decision
  • Develop a framework for building and supporting ethical business practice
  • Assess the evolving view of corporate maturity and culture

Target Audience

  • Board Directors
  • NED’s and ID’s
  • Senior management and members of leadership teams
  • Chief Compliance Officers/Heads of Compliance/Governance/Risk
  • Compliance Managers and senior GRC staff
  • Staff dealing with CSR and/or ESG
  • Company Secretaries
  • Accountants
  • Legal Practitioners

Module Outline

  • Corporate Governance
    Module 1
  • Values & Ethics
    Module 2
  • Strategic Compliance & Risk Management
    Module 3
  • Corporate Maturity
    Module 4
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